Noel Millers

Pilot Name: 
Prop Out (dropped outta skool now I fly dronez)

How did you get into FPV Racing:

Got Chatting to the local parts supplier on the Gold coast when I lived there and he told me about the

Next Level FPV Drone racing club on the GC, So iwent along to an event one day and kept going back.  

What civilian club do you race with: 
originally NLFPV Currently Townsville FPVR check them out on Facebook here


Currently flying: 


Tbs source v frame viva fpv f4 fc viva fpv 60 amp esc rush tiny tank vtx,

runcam nano racer camera, tbs tracer receiver, Ko-technologies Dspec 2208 1850kv motors (thank you for the sponsorship KO)

gemfan 51466/3 hurricane props.


Risingsun FPV BFW Frame brain radix v1 fc, APD 120amp esc’s,  APD 500amp pdb

Tbs unify pro vtx, foxeer falkour camera, tbs tracer reciever, xnova 350kv motors and HQ 13/9/3 props.


How long have you been flying FPV drones for: 
Ive been flying drones for over 2 and a half years now.

Tips for those getting into FPV: 
Don’t be scared to take the dive …  its loads of fun plenty of videos to learn from on the internet, pilots in the community are always willing to help.

And if you can find a good second hand bundle it’s a great way to get started before u get hooked and spend all ya spare money on new gear.



4th Place at the Australian X-CLASS open 2020

1st place for X-Class at the Townsville FPVR 2021 RND 1

1st place for 5” at the Townsville FPVR 2021 RND 4





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