RSFPV AIO Driver (Screwdriver Rick!)

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The RISINSUNFPV AIO Driver is a must have for your compact field kit! Machined aluminum in a sharp black and gold anodized color scheme with a laser etched RISINSUNFPV logo. It looks great, obviously but the build quality and functionality as all there as well! The drivers are magnetically seated in the end cap, which is held in place by a rubber o-ring. The o-ring/groove keeps the cap securely in the handle while still allowing it to spin easily in your palm like smaller precision drivers. This tool is a pleasure to use!

1.5mm Hex Driver
2.0mm Hex Driver
2.5mm Hex Driver
3.0mm Hex Driver
4.0mm Phillips Driver

In another dimension.......

[Transition to Morty entering the garage. There is a pickle and a screwdriver on Rick's work bench]
Rick: Morty?
Morty: Rick? W-where are you?
Rick: On my work bench, Morty.
Morty: Are you invisible and you're gonna, like, fart on me?
Rick: Flip the screwdriver over.
Morty: What, I'm gonna touch it, and you're gonna tell me it's an alien dick or something.
Rick: Come on, flip the screwdriver, Morty. You're not gonna regret it. The payoff is huge.
[Morty hesitantly picks up the screwdriver and turns it over. The screwdriver has Rick's face on it] I turned myself into a screwdriver, Morty! Boom! Big reveal: I'm a screwdriver. What do you think about that? I turned myself into a screwdriver! W-what are you just staring at me for, bro. I turned myself into a screwdriver, Morty!
Morty: And?
Rick: "And"? What more do you want tacked on to this? I turned myself into a screwdriver, and 9/11 was an inside job?
Morty: Was it?
Rick: Who cares, Morty? Global acts of terrorism happen every day. Uh, here's something that's never happened before: I'm a screwdriver. I'm screwdriver Rick!

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