Cory Josland (dark_matter)

Name: Cory Josland

Pilot Name: dark_matter

How did you get into FPV Racing:

I first got into FPV quads in very late 2015. A dude I knew had crashed a DJI Phantom, causing this “ESC Status: Error” and I took it upon myself to Google what this could mean. What was an ESC? What role did it play in this machine? Could it be fixed? Surely.

One week later I’m in Jaycar, buying some solder. We had ordered a new motherboard for the Phantom from some bloke overseas who was selling the bits. It was on its way, and I was going to do the installation. Before you know it, the Phantom was back in the air, and I was fascinated with the whole idea of the machine.

My new-found interest led me to trawl through pages and pages of information from hobbyists online. A link in a forum led me to a video from a bloke going by the name of “Charpu”. His video, “Left Behind” , blew my mind. I was hooked before I even had any gear of my own.

The next purchase was a plastic frame, a radio, batteries, and a whole heap of other bits from HobbyKing. The purchase after that was a cheap set of box goggles, a rubbishy little surveillance camera and a rough as guts video transmitter.

The rest is history.

What civilian club do you race with: Next Level FPV GOLD COAST (

Currently flying:
Freestyle - Banshee GoJira
Racing - Banshee Akira Tetsuo and Banshee Hellfire
TMOTOR F40 Pro v3
Brotherhobby R5
Aikon ESCs

How long have you been flying FPV drones for: Since December 2015

Tips for those getting into FPV:
Don’t be overwhelmed. Do plenty of research into available products and what others are using successfully. Ask questions. Have a go. Put plenty of attention and effort into the build, as this will mean more time for flying in the field.

Feel the craft. Really get to know how it responds first, then push it to its limits.

Teach others around you your newfound skills. This solidifies your own knowledge and helps to spread a great hobby.

RaGG-e Frames Pilot and product tester (2016-2017)
Banshee Frames enthusiast and product tester (2019)
3rd Place at the FPVR Micro League Championship Australia (2019)