Blah 42 (Damien Leeson)

Name: Damien Leeson
Pilot Name: BLAH 42
How did you get into FPV: met a bloke while I was diagnosing a problem with his roadbike he then put me on to drone websites where I met zak from Rising Sun FPV and bought my first basher from him and that was the beginning.
What civilian club do you race with: Townsville FPVR
Currently flying: talon v2 racers Rooster dji, apex dji freestyles Source 7" dji, long range quad Source x xclass freestyle and racer
How long have you been flying FPV drones for: just over 12 months
Tips for those getting into FPV: Tips id give new pilots or just new people who are looking at starting would be to buy a transmitter of your choice and then download a sim and play it for a hour a day. Next step watch as much YouTube on beginner drone pilots and learn to build your first quad as this will give you the full understanding of how your quad is put together and works.
Achievements: learning to fly fpv Learning to build a fpv drones Getting more consistent at racing
Instagram: attack_grom